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Håvard Lillebo is a battle hardened Founder and Chief Financial Officer.

His core expertise is execution, building companies, and working with professional investors and banks. He been working in top management as a senior executive in the last 7 years.

He founded Innotech Solar and raised €52M of Venture Capital equity and €25M in debts, and €13M in grants. He has together with great colleagues built an internationally regarded industrial solar company, which started from his own idea and two empty hands, to 180 employees in Europe, Asia and USA.

The solar battle with ever declining prices has caused thousands of casualties in the last few years, but despite this solar has a brighter future than ever and the market is 37 times larger today in 2015 compared when he started in solar in 2006 - 37x!  Innotech Solar proved a great business model with 30% gross profit margins, and that ITS was the solar cell analysis experts in the world. 

I am really proud of what we created and what we were able to achieve!
— Håvard Lillebo

Håvard is  focusing his attention at helping other companies with funding and at making good business out of great ideas and promising companies. He has developed his own proven methodology for how to pitch and work effectively with professional investors and banks.

His total number of pitches is in the several hundreds, and he has been leading 8 large due diligence processes. 

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